Ecotherapy is the name given to a wide range of treatment programs which aim to improve your mental and physical wellbeing through doing outdoor activities in nature.      

Our programs focus on activities that teach Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence.  Activities are led by your counselor-coach (an athlete and outdoor adventurer/sportsman, with over 40 years of field experience).   

Clients can choose one or more of the following outdoor activities:

City Park Walking or Sitting

- Pick a park (easy slow walking), or...
- Meet under a shaded tree
- Sit by a river 
- Bring your pet, e.g. dog(s)
- Practice mindfulness breathing
- Opens the mind-body-spirit to healing/growth, and healthier lifestyle

Foothill Trail Walking

- Pick an easy/moderate trail
- Sun, fresh air, and scenic views
- Sunrise, sunset, full moon, or stars
- Practice mindfulness breathing
- Heal heart and re-train nervous system
- Opens the mind-body-spirit to healing/growth, and healthier lifestyle

Fly Fishing

- Plug into nature -- learn new outdoor passion
- Individuals, couples, families, friends, teams
- Develop your Emotional Intelligence
- Catch fish and be happy
- Experience therapeutic H2O affect
- Find peace, solitude, and de-stress
- Open the mind-body-spirit to healthier lifestyle
- One or multi-day options
- Led by an expert, with over 40 years experience

Traditional Archery
The Ultimate Outdoor-Indoor Mind-Body Therapy
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