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Thank you for all the kind comments - I am deeply touched!


When I first read Mark's website I felt a connection, but I was uncertain if I could afford his fees.  During our 50 minute free consultation, I expressed my financial concerns, and he said, "fees are negotiable."  A few minutes later, we agreed to a fee, which allows me to see him weekly.  It was that easy!   

Six months later, I am pleased with my progress.  My drinking and anxiety have less control over me.  My communication/relationship with my fiance is much better, and I finally got a better paying job.  

Mark, you are the best, and thank you so much!  


Hi Mark.

It's been a long time but I have good news!  I left my husband.  I want to thank you for all the support and advice. "Stop putting yourself in the backseat!" were the words that helped me stay the course.  Thanks again for your coaching.  You've helped me out of the worst phase of my life.  Now I have my life back and lots to look forward to.


I can definitely see and feel a better me since starting to work together. You have helped point out different areas of life and my personality that I wouldn't have otherwise seen in a different way. You help point me in the right direction and point out the stuff that I may not see or want to hear/see. It's nice to have a relationship with you that is open and honest. 

I enjoy the fact that I can be fully honest with you, and I appreciate the honesty I receive back from you. I've worked with other counselors/coaches before and it always felt like they were "going through the motions". I enjoy that we can laugh and joke together. I think sometimes I might be looking for more guidance and insight on certain topics rather than just me continuously talking. I know the only savior I have is myself, but having a different opinion or thought from someone I value and trust can be helpful when thinking about things and making decisions. 

Overall, I've really enjoyed working together and I appreciate you! Looking forward to continuing to work together and continuing to grow. 


We are trying to refocus on the true treasures in life – the warmth of family, the joy of friendship, and the gift of good health.  Our lives are busy, but we can still cherish occasional moments of togetherness - and this holiday is one of the best for that.  We are grateful for you and the unique light you bring into our life. I am grateful for the support you have given our son, and for helping to guide him through his journey of self discovery…and recovery.  Wishing you a Thanksgiving filled with love, laughter, and gratitude. Thank you for being an essential part of our glorious journey, and a foundation of our character.

Matthew and Family

When I first started therapy, I admit, I felt very anxious - you helped calm that part of me, and I feel more assured in my decisions and my thought process.  I do believe that I've made progress - much better progress than I believed I could. Also, I believe I was holding myself back and not 100% sure as to why - perhaps my trauma was holding me back because in some small way I didn't want to change but that's certainly not the case now. I greatly enjoyed working with you and the energy that we shared together.


I got a lot out of our sessions – it was just what I was looking for in that it was clear and objective feedback, sometimes challenging me to think of things in new ways which is useful.  I will certainly recommend you as opportunities are presented.

Thanks SO much for your supportive and impactful service.  I’m thankful to be a client.  Best wishes! 


Hi Mark.

I am not sure I could find the best words for my appreciation of my two sessions with you. Working on my own stuff and not our relationship was exactly what Steve and I needed.

A couple of the life changers for me were:

The concept of feeling like I don't have freedom, and my issue is not Steve's problem. 

It has been a life changer for our relationship and I cannot thank you enough. I realized I have a lot of deep rooted stuff around money and my sibling....it's kind of a mind blower. I have always known it was there but have seen a whole new layer. I am able to see what a huge impact it has had and am able to reframe my self talk about it. Steve has been super supportive and kind in those moments when I say "holy crap, I have a lot of junk around this." I also realized when I work on my own stuff and not trying to make my relationship better....my relationship got better :)

I also took your insight into Steve needing my support now more than ever and have run with that. I feel like I am in a good/aware/insightful place and will surely reach out when I fall over :)

Thank you....beyond.


My wife and I saw Mark separately.  Mark was able to glean areas in our relationship which likely caused us to go off track. I absolutely appreciate a no-nonsense approach - in short time, he encouraged us to look in the mirror to see who we are as individuals and as partners.  A mirror was a great tool for me to be a better partner. 

We are all busy in life, I appreciate Marks' direct approach to help make changes in an efficient and effective manor.

Thanks Mark!


I don't know if you remember me - we met and discussed counseling as a career.  I just wanted to thank you so much for that conversation.  I have since been accepted by Adams State University for the fall 2023 clinical mental health counseling graduate program.  I also want to say, I was really inspired by your knowledge on starting a business.  I come from a family with a poverty type of mindset - I hope to keep in touch with you for future financial/business/counseling advice because I wish to build a private practice.  Once again, thanks so much for your time!


You are great!  After your last session with him he told me that it's the first time any counselor has ever taught him anything about himself and that he's always felt like he was five steps ahead of what they were going to say, and with YOU - you are the real deal!  Amazing, and thank you very much!


As I come to the end of my 12 sessions with Mark and the work we have done together over the past 5 months, I can say that the person I am today is a stronger, more confident, successful me.  Thanks to the coaching and guidance from Mark Foley.

Recently, I had been struggling with the 3 specific areas of my life (work, finances, and marriage).  Big areas that require deep thinking and strategies for mind shifts.  With his guidance I have made progress in all three areas and more importantly, I know myself on a deeper level.

My finances went from a savings of $0 dollars to $6,500.00 in 5 months.  My position at work shifted from, am I in the right job? to getting a call from the Vice President who shared her appreciation for the instrumental work I did that ultimately changed national policy, and improved our work systems.  And, my marriage went from, 'putting myself in the backseat,' to connecting to my values and using them to set boundaries that put me in the driver's seat.

I still have work to do on holding myself accountable for my choices in life, and I will always go back to Mark for coaching and guidance as I continue to become the best me!  Thank you Mark for opening my Mind, Heart, Body, and Finances to growth and achievement.


I wanted to send a quick note to tell you thank you for the encouragement and information about Master's in Counseling.  I applied and went through the interview process and I just received a letter from the University of Northern Colorado that I have been accepted into the Clinical Mental Health Counseling M.A. Program.  I was a little worried because there were a lot of applicants and not a lot of space. It really did help talking to you about your experiences and all the things you can do with the degree. I hope you are well. 

Thank you! 


I started out partially on the basis of influence, i.e. the suggestion that I could work on being more empathetic. The other reason I reached out was that I was going through stressful times at both work, and being a long-distance dad.  Also, given the pandemic times and everyone having problems, I guess I didn’t and haven’t felt comfortable sharing with friends, hence reaching out for therapy/coaching support. 

With your support, my professional circumstances have improved since we started. When I felt like my employer was taking my efforts and contributions for granted, I went fishing and landed a promotion.  

Other good stuff includes many great recommendations for connecting with my son, and generally being in my corner when it’s clear that I’m dealing with more than just unreasonable circumstances.  I think we’ve managed a dynamic where I am able to be honest and acknowledge where I haven’t handled situations as well as I might have, and I still think I have more to channel towards being a better partner, dad, and professional.  On the partner front, I’ve appreciated the frank recommendation that I let grandmas do grandma stuff, and that at other times, I shut up and do my job.  I generally feel like you are pragmatic and realistic while maintaining standards and values in the actionable suggestions and illustrative anecdotes you share.

Mark, thank you very much, and I highly recommend your services. 


When I started seeing you I was seeking guidance and growth I knew I needed to take, but had refused to do so for years. 

Initially, we talked about family issues (i.e., kids and ex-wife).  After a few sessions, I started to feel better.  I took a break for a couple months and focused on my career.  I started to see you again when my career seemed to be unraveling, and my life seemed to be falling apart.  I found myself in a dark place, but talking with you was a tremendous help -- it has been the most personal growth I have experienced in my entire life!

The most important things I took away from our sessions is the way you were able to help me understand exactly what boundaries are, and how to create and implement them.  Also, you said something to me that will stick with me forever, you said, “do you hold your boundaries in professional life high?"  I answered yes!  You continued with, "and do you tend to lower boundaries in your personal life?"  I answered, yes!  You said, "that's because you deal with the boundaries in your professional life with your head and the boundaries in your personal with your heart."  "We need to figure out how to raise and maintain the boundaries in your personal life, and not waver from that position." 

Identifying my values, and setting my work-life boundaries has made all the difference in my life.  

Mark, you are amazing, and I can't thank you enough for your help.


I'm still amazed by how far I've come in the past two years. If you told me two years ago I'd be where I am now, I would not have believed it. The progress I've made is just astounding. I've still got a long way to go, but I'm extremely pleased and proud of how far I've come.

I've thoroughly enjoyed working with you, and I'm excited to continue this in the future.


It was a pleasure to have you as my son's counselor.  You have helped him a lot to get his life back to 'normal' again.


I am so much better than when we first met (one billion times better).  No issues on how you run things, and I enjoyed our banter.  I appreciate the crap out of you and the time you gave me.  Thank you very much.  

P.S. 302 miles for September.  So, just like alcoholism, I crushed it!


It's nice to know that we had Mark to work with, whether it was as a family or an individual session.  I enjoyed the way he started his sessions -- made it a little easier to think about how I was actually doing and what I may want to talk about during our session.  When life was a bit bumpy, he was able to guide me back, help ground me.  This enabled me to think, feel, and express my experience.  It also helped move forward.  One of the questions I remember well was, “What do you do for yourself?”  I honestly couldn’t answer that question during that whole session, but he patiently stayed with me, giving me space and unconditional support.  During other sessions, when I didn’t have an issue to discuss, he was able to get me to think about my future and what I wanted to do for myself.  We had some great conversations about thinking out of the box or the norm and some ideas of “what's next for my future?"  I really enjoyed the sessions with Mark.  He is straight forward and really cares about his clients and helping them with that they are working on. 


Thanks for all that you do.  I recently had a wonderful conversation with my son.  We talked about college, and how to handle being offered drugs (he's starting to attend concerts now).  This conversation would have been impossible a year ago.  We are grateful every day about how far he's come. Again, thank you very much!

Palmer Family

We are both doing well and are working on our marriage as well as ourselves with the tools you have helped us create.  We definitely started off in a low place and at this point are feeling very strong and keeping each other in check.  We are communicating very well and our relationship has improved a lot.  We are feeling much stronger in ourselves as well.  Of course there is always more work to do and we are moving along staying on top of things.  We both really like how direct you are even a little rough at times not a typical counselor-coach.  I can imagine it might not mesh with every personality expecting things to be a certain way but it worked very well for us.  Thank you so so much.

Kyle and Kelly

I recently saw a grocery store advertised a summer job hiring fair.  I told our 15 year old son about it. He didn't seem interested (though he knows summer employment is now required). I reminded him about it again, and he was irritated with me.  He snapped at me for reminding him "THREE TIMES" even though it had only been two, ha!  Later that day, he asked me what time the fair would be held. I told him, and also advised that he didn't need to wait for the fair, that he could drop off his resume and recommendation letter the day prior (to get a jump on it and show them that he was eager). Shockingly, he took my advice and went that day.

He attended the hiring fair, and called me when he got home. He was super pumped, he told me that they interviewed him for 45 minutes, and that he was told that he had a lot of the qualities that they were looking for, although he couldn't tell me what those qualities were. My husband and I expressed our support and pride, i.e. that he was taking the initiative.

On Thursday morning he told us that he had missed a Wednesday evening call from the store (his phone had been on Do Not Disturb). My husband told him that they might be calling him to offer him a job, and had suggested that he call right away to let them know that he had missed their call. He did call, and was told that the hiring manager was not in.  I encouraged him to visit the store, and ask for the manager on duty, and express that it was important that he speak with the hiring manager at their earliest convenience. He was initially irritated with my suggestion and told me that he was going to wait until the next day to call. I told him that in the meantime, the hiring manager might be going down a list and calling others, who might answer their phones, and that he might regret not making a greater effort to nail the job. He grumbled at me, went off, and walked around the house, then came back into the living room and calmly told us that he was going to go to the store ASAP. He came back, told us that he talked to the manager, and seemed relieved.  We praised his effort.

The next morning, my son called me to say that he had been offered the job, which he accepted. YAY. My husband and I are over the moon, and my son is quite proud of himself. Talk about a learning experience!

Today, I can talk to my son, offer advice and support, and he's listening, even when he doesn't agree. This time last year he wasn't speaking to us, and we thought we had lost him forever. We will forever be grateful for your guidance.

Thanks for your support, Mark. We truly appreciate it. 

Johnson Family

I feel like I made a lot of progress from the beginning. I am definitely in a much healthier and better mind set. I am focusing more on myself, working out every morning, and looking to move out of this apartment to live on my own again. 

I felt things went good during our sessions. You helped me think more deeply into certain things that I probably wouldn’t have explored more into. You also brought up something (life values) that I never really thought of before and has helped me in being a better me. I have been working more at stepping outside my comfort zone at times and being more open because of it. And I find that I am happier as well. 

So thank you for all of your help. I really appreciate you.


You are a great teacher and an amazing human.  Thank you for a wonderful day on the river -- I felt like a human being once again!

Bob (Outdoor Therapy -- Fly Fishing)

On Christmas Day, our son told us the best gift he received was being home, then he thanked both of us and gave us hugs. 

A year ago that could not have happened, and all that he and our family have endured the past year has been worth the outcome.  We feel trust has been restored between us and our son, and he now understands that we truly love him.  He seems so much more at peace with himself, and with us. 

Mark, you have been an integral part of our continued healing, and for that we are forever grateful. Thank you!

Smith Family

I believe progress has been made for me individually, and within my marriage. 

I liked it when you were blunt and honest (no bullshit).  You challenged and called out my husband.  He listened to you.  He is now making efforts to acknowledge, respect, and meet my needs.  Truthfully, I would have liked for you to do more of that because it felt like someone other than friends and family finally heard and understood me!

The recommendations and tools you gave us are working.  Thank you for helping us!


I have been trying counseling, on and off, for over 30 years now.  I have never fully committed to the process.  I always made excuses to cancel (and often did), I very rarely cried, fought the process, and was NEVER fully honest. 

You have something that makes me open up.  I feel emotions, and I cry (almost every session).  I am completely honest with you, and myself.  I actually look forward to our sessions, although I know they will be difficult and exhausting.  You have an amazing way of challenging me, while not judging me.  I feel safe talking to you, which is amazing in itself.  

I know that I am moving in the right direction.  I also know that I have a long way to go. I have hope that I will continue to move in the right direction, with your help.  

Bottom line, I give you a 10 out of 10.  I am so thankful for you....you have no idea!!


I have gained invaluable insight on myself and given practical advice and tools on how to accept, address or improve the things going on in my life.  Meeting over video has proven to be convenient, comfortable and still effective. Your flexible schedule and accessibility makes it easy to book appointments within a week. Somehow after every session I have never left feeling like I did anything wrong. Your non judgmental attitude creates a safe place to share and process. I tell all my friends and family, "You need a Mark."


I rarely look back at my life; however, you have taught me to look back, inside, and towards my future.  As a result, I can see and feel things, and I now believe I have come a long way.  For instance, Alcoholism is done and gone!  For the first time in my life, I am peacefully questioning and challenging my thoughts of self doubt, anxiety, and hatred.  The possibility of a better future for myself and family seems very real.  You always inspire me to dare, dream, and work towards me being a better me.  

Thank you for being you, and guiding me down the kooky path of life!  


I’ve been meaning to tell you how much we appreciate you!

When you met my son he was in a terrible place.  We didn’t know where to turn.  He had two counselors before you who were great people but couldn’t help him.  We were about to give up on counseling.  I’m so grateful my friend told me about you!  

So much has changed since March it’s hard to say exactly what are the causes and effects.  Everyone around him can tell he’s doing much better.  He’s relaxed, happy, is forming meaningful relationships, generally making good choices, and pursuing his interests.  He’s matured quite a bit.

The med change probably helped.  The pandemic probably helped.  Growing a little older probably helped.  But, we agree that your counseling definitely helped.  I asked him to give me some examples of what you’re doing that’s helping.  He told me that you’ve given him tools to deal with situations.  You help him identify things he can improve.  You help him see things clearly.

From time to time I ask him if he wants to continue seeing you.  He ALWAYS says YES.  I can’t even tell you what an amazing thing that is coming from my son.  Never even a somewhat unsure.  

So THANK YOU!!  We are so, so grateful for you!


Mark is one of my favorite counselors I've ever worked with. He has helped me dive deeper into traumas that I had been suppressing for years in a way that is manageable and even fun. It's been like an exploration into the far corners of my psyche. Highly recommend working with Mark!!


I've been working with Mark for about 20 sessions now and during this time he has helped me work through trauma from childhood that has been causing relationship issues in my adult life. His services and help have been invaluable. I can't recommend reaching out to him enough if you're dealing with anxiety, depression, relationship issues or other psychological issues. Since the pandemic all of our meetings have been over Zoom and I can honestly say they've been equally as beneficial as our in person meetings.


I don't feel like a monster anymore.  I no longer constantly carry my bucket of shit.  I feel like a normal adult, with self worth and value.  I feel free, ready to spread my wings and fly.  I have been to many counselors -- you are the best!  You are not an emotional phony -- your intelligence, humor, and supportive energy is real, and very special. 

When I started counseling, I felt defeated, lost, and confused.  Also, with several significant relationships, I was stuck in a cycle of anger and frustration.  You helped me focus on the issues (me not realizing how my past family history was in the present moment).  I now see how my toxic, unhealthy patterns create conflicts, blocks my potential, and prohibits healthy conflict resolutions and peaceful connections. Life patterns are hard to break, but with your support and guidance, I'm learning how to do it.  

As a female, who has struggled with male relationships, I find working with you refreshing and informative.  Thank you for being you!


I am learning how to identify my values, and assert boundaries in a way that feels good and doesn't compromise who I am. 

For a long time I was losing myself in other people thinking that I had to match the other person's expectations which always ended bad. I deserve to be treated well and it starts with me. What I do for me positively impacts everything else overall. I still have work to do though. Lastly, finding your private practice was a godsend.  Thank you and I am forever grateful.


I have worked with a few counselors.  They seemed to be more interested in formality, the use of fancy jargon, and the use of nifty techniques, such as CBT or DBT.  I was not impressed (it was a bore and not real world).  I like working with you because I can talk with you.  Your style is laid-back, open, and real.  You have provided space to safely reveal my inner-most self, and that is exactly what I've been searching for.  I am so grateful you are real-world wise, self-assured, and like me, have been through the s@*$ of life!  You inspire me.  I highly recommend your services.  


In less than five sessions, you have already helped me in ways that are apparent to me and others.  You have helped me learn better ways to communicate and recognize poor social habits that I've created. You suggested that I slow down, be a grounded tortoise.  Slow grounded tortoise is not my speed, but I gave it a try.  It was awkward, but the results were amazing.  Since our last session, we have had three very amazing constructive-connected discussions (her words).  Your insight into our male-female dynamics were spot on.  Thank you for your wisdom and advice.

I am extremely pleased with Mark's style.  The value of his services are tremendous.  I highly recommend him.


Mark had great insight into our son's behavioral problems, media/screen time addiction, and our family dynamic.  He helped us understand what we could not (how the brain works , high stress conflict resolution, the cause/effect of attachment theory, and parenting styles).  He also helped us create a family mission and parenting plan that has helped us reunite, and better manage stressful moments.  His mobile service, at our home was invaluable, and I


Mark is as real as real can be.  He listened to me and he got me.  When I failed, he kindly and patiently picked me up.  He knew how to challenge me in positive ways (inspiring and motivating me to stay grounded to the work).  When I won, we won because he is 100% committed to me being the best me.  I am incredibly thankful he was my counselor-coach.  I will miss his wacky humor, amazing insightful brain, his truth and strength, and his giant loving heart.  I highly recommend his counseling-coaching services.    


I am a frequent business traveler.  Even when I am home, I rarely have time to meet in his private office.  The ability to log in and meet face-to-face via video is priceless.  Last, I was impressed with his life, career, and education background -- it's one the major reason why I chose to work with him.  We have worked on unresolved childhood abuse and trauma.  He's proven to be an extremely patient guide, who encourages me to explore and find my own solutions.  I feel we are a team -- we are equals.  He never tells me what to do, or talks down to me.  He's helped me be a better person, boss, spouse, and parent.   

He's not your average counselor or coach -- I highly recommend him.    


Mark, since the moment we met, I knew I could trust you.  You have an energy that gives me a powerful sense of comfort and safety.  Your energy provides me strength to share my thoughts and feelings.  For the first time in my life, I feel free to say anything on my mind and in my heart.  I love working with you and I can't thank you enough. 


Your life story has inspired me to take hold of my life and to believe in myself.  It's been more than five years, but I am finally feeling good about me and working with you has been the best experience.  You are a huge reason why I know have the strength to fulfill my dreams and goals.  


Mark, thank you for everything you've done for the group.  You were amazing.  Good luck, and I will remember you forever!


Mark, I am sad to announce that I am moving out of state.  I wish I had more time to work with you because you are the best, and I will never forget you!  


I can't thank you enough for what you did for me.  I loved your sense of humor and brutal honesty.  Speaking of, you were 100% right -- I have spent my entire life living lies.  I can still hear you saying, "Wow Paul, thank you for sharing everything but the truth... when you're done with your bullshit.... when you're ready for truth, please let me know."  I have never met anyone like you.  You helped me embrace truth, and understand that with truth comes trust, acceptance, and love.  You made my experience fun, enjoyable, and I will never forget you.  Thank you!


Thanks for supporting and pushing me -- your tough love is exactly what I needed to get back into the game of life.


I hope you know how much you are appreciated.  The impact you have had on my life is beyond words.  You tirelessly inspire me to think and grow.  Before you there was darkness, depression and suicide attempts.  Now I am pursuing my dreams and goals.  Big HUGS and thank you!


Due to life-work circumstances, I only worked with Mark for 30 days.  WOW!  When he said let's get to work, he was not kidding.  I had no idea that I could accomplish so much, in such a short period of time. 


Mark, thank you so much for your unconditional support, advice, and love.  Your ability to reach my mind and hold my heart, at the same time, is truly amazing.  You have a gift (you always turned my darkest moments into beauty and joy -- how do you do that?).  I will miss and remember you -- especially your humor and jokes. 


That session was cathartic as hell.  It was amazing and we both felt a sense of relief.  We are happy we found you!

Amy & Kevin

Most of the time I feel terrified, unwanted, and lost.  Also, I have been emotionally closed-dead, and have not cried for years.  It's been 60 days since we started working together, and miraculously, I have cried three times.  Each time, my tears were heavy and crying felt incredibly awesome!  Your strength, humor, and empathy is real.  Thank you!


You encouraged me to look at my alcohol consumption.  Initially, I was resistant, but with your support, I am now +6 months sober, and feeling much better.


My anxiety is still there, but not as intense.   Friends and family state that my quirky habits seem less.  Overall, I still struggle, but I am making progress.  You support and challenge me.  I think we make a great team.  Thank you for all you do!


Mark is compassionate, motivating, and one of the most genuine human beings I have ever met.  His ability to listen, process, and provide constructive feedback is profound (especially with complex issues).  In nonthreatening ways, he gently pushes me towards my goals, and
I now believe my dreams are a real possibility.  


I think Mark has many skills.  His most special skill: It never feels awkward to share with him, especially the darkness and pain in my heart.  His strength to embrace these energies helps me feel normal, and he is always willing to put in extra effort.  I never get the feeling I am a paying client, or he is in it for the money.



I had the pleasure of co-facilitating substance recovery groups for young adults with Mark.  He connected with these you men and women using humor, compassion, and direct confrontation when warranted.  Mark was a mirror to them, reflecting both strengths and hard realities that others may have been hesitant to point out.  Mark's commitment in these groups was to help the clients become the best versions of themselves that they could be.  He did this by introducing a new check-in phrase; one that I have never heard in my 20+ years of counseling.  To my surprise, his newly coined phrase,"How can we help you be the best you," instantly unified the group.  It created a true, member led, supportive working environment.  

Mark is a gifted counselor, who knows how to inspire and motivate people to be the very best they can be. 

D'ri Jones.  LCSW, CAC III
Primary Therapist, Sandstone Care
Owner, Inner Balance Psychotherapy

I supervised Mark at a Denver metro walk-in crisis center, operated by Jefferson Center for Mental Health.  Mark was friendly, enthusiastic, clinically well informed, and was willing to share his knowledge with colleagues and clients.  Also, he was always willing to take on any challenge that came through our doors, and was a valued member of our mobile crisis unit.

He was easy to supervise because he’s open, honest, and forthcoming.  He readily shared his thoughts, client-clinical experiences, and welcomed my feedback.  He worked with all populations, and could easily connect; proving to be culturally competent, innovative, and enterprising.  I have no doubt he will always give 100% effort, and continue being a great counselor for many people.

J. Christin Jones, MA, LPC
Senior Crisis Counselor, Intern Supervisor

Based on my supervision experience with Mark, I truly believe he enjoys working with people, and he does not shy away from challenges.  He’s a natural at calming people, and engaging in empathic, yet logical, critical, problem solving thinking.  At times, his voice is atypical, i.e. he has a unique way of combining his life and theoretical knowledge into a humorous, paradoxical, no-nonsense truth based, therapeutic presentation/confrontation.  Clients laugh, realism is embraced, walls are removed, and they feel safe in his company.  

I believe clients know he’s genuine, authentic, and ready/willing to work with them.  

It’s been a pleasure working with Mark.

Claire Goodis-Baker.  MA, LPC
Owner, Intern Supervisor
Goodis-Baker Counseling, Inc.

I had the pleasure of supervising Mark at Sandstone Care, which is a comprehensive Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) and Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) that provides chemical dependency treatment services for adolescents and young adults. 

Mark co-facilitated adolescent and young adult psychotherapy groups. 

Brannon W. Pruet, PhD-c, LPC, CAC II
Program Director, Intern Supervisor


Over the years I have written very few references for people; however, I write this reference without any reservation and as a retired police chief of 34 years. 

I have known Mark for over 10 years.  I know him through a number of different venues.  I first met Mark when I took a number of his fly tying and fly-fishing classes.  At the conclusion of those classes I found him to be honest, real, and professional.  Per his invitation, we next worked together as Board of Directors for a non-profit group in New Hampshire.  

Through our combined efforts, we were able to bring the organization into regulatory 501(c)3 compliance, and out of the red with fund raising efforts.  Also, he created an annual river clean-up day, with a heavy focus on outdoor education for children.  Because of his efforts, and for generations to come, all people, including family and friends, now enjoy incredible fishing and outdoor time.  

I have found that Mark is the type of person who we are all looking for, either as a friend, business partner, counselor-coach, or other.  He's honest and true to his word, possesses great character, and reliable.  

Art Reed. BS, MA

I have had the pleasure of knowing Mark as a client, colleague, and friend.  I can say without 

Given the While Mark has done all of these things, there is another story to be told.
Though Mark is a giant of a man, he is gentle, compassionate and caring.  As someone that has spent an untold number of hours with him on the river, on community boards and in each other’s homes, I have seen the real Mark; I know what motivates him.  He sees the world and problems through a different lens, and because of this, when faced with professional or personal challenges, he is a distinct resource.  He listens, and more importantly, he thinks before he provides feedback. Because of his unique background and travels, his ideas are unconventional, yet always supportive and wise.   He has the ability to push and make you face obstacles in an nonthreatening, human way.  It is as if he can look into your eyes and quietly assess the storms brewing in your soul, and then partner with you to find a path to healing.  Lastly, he does all that he does, not for himself, but for the betterment of others and his community.

Keith Tode. BS, MBA

Since 2004, I have had the pleasure of knowing Mark.  We both worked for a medical products company on the East coast; Mark headed up the Sales organization and I led the New Product Development group.  In our respective roles, we worked very closely together to develop, launch, and ultimately sell what became the company’s most successful new product.  During that time, myself and co-workers found Mark to be a solid, talented, competent, honest, knowledgeable, and contentious contributor to our team, who led by example.

I have seen Mark in action, both professionally and personally.  In all situations, I found him to be kind, thoughtful, responsible, considerate, and giving of his time and knowledge as a volunteer – all while exhibiting a good sense of humor.

Mark is a unique person, with over four decades of real world experience.  I think he would make an excellent counselor-coach.

Greg Art. BA, MS, MBA, PhD

I have known Mark for nearly 10 years, and have witnessed his dedication to several organizations throughout the NH Seacoast community.   Mark has an innate ability to connect with people of all ages, an unmatched work ethic, and constantly demonstrates the highest degree of integrity and upstanding character.  These attributes, combined with his genuine dedication to community education and the local environment, makes him an excellent counselor, coach, and fly fishing instructor.  

Mark was involved in the success of several NH seacoast community programs.  As a result, I have chosen to work with Mark because he is a community leader in outdoor education, conservation and fly-fishing.  His message/educational approach is always focused on personal and community growth, not just catching fish. For example, he volunteers his time with my students enrolled in Spaulding High School's Air Force Junior ROTC program.  He helped my students create a river cleanup program, and in return for their efforts, he teaches them how to fly-fish for free. It’s always amazing to watch Mark with people; he takes the time to get to know the students and personalizes their experience.  Mark's ability to connect with the students and involve them in activities that have a direct impact on the local environment has a profound effect on their awareness and confidence about their ability to make a difference in their community.   The free fly-casting instruction he provides to the students opens a new experience that will last a lifetime to many underprivileged high school students.   As a Community Auction Developer and Director of Fundraising for the Three Rivers Stocking Association, Mark has run the most successful fundraising campaigns ever experienced by this non-profit organization.  Mark's ability to unite our seacoast community, lead and motivate hundreds of volunteers, along with his capacity to personally secure countless high value donation items, resulted in revenue in excess of $14,000.  Most importantly, for years to come, his selfless contributions to this organization will provide people of all ages, race, and gender, an opportunity to have a healthy outdoor outlet. 

I also have firsthand knowledge of Mark's commitment involving several other local organizations.  He has been a volunteer for Amy's Treat Cancer Foundation, an organization dedicated to providing solutions and positive experiences to Seacoast cancer patients.  Mark has been a volunteer youth fly-fishing and fly tying instructor with Great Bay Trout Unlimited and the Phillips Exeter Academy Fly Fishing Club.  Mark has also created and conducted many individual and family educational programs through the Exeter and Dover Adult Education Programs.   
Mark has demonstrated he will be an outstanding counselor who will serve the needs of individual clients, local organizations, and provide lasting impact on entire communities.  

Daniel J. Heeter.  BS, Major (ret), USAF
Senior Aerospace Science Instructor

"Ideal teachers are those who use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross, then having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create bridges of their own." 

The above quotation sums up my experience with Mark.  Thank you Mark for co-creating the fly fishing club at Phillips Exeter Academy, and introducing me and many students to the joy of fly-fishing.      

Harold Brown, BA, IAP-L
Executive Director of Alumni Relations, Phillips Exeter Academy

I don't think I ever told you how good a football player you were for me and Iowa State University.  You were tough, smart on and off the field, and played with great energy.  I was proud to be your coach!

Craig Boller, BA
Retired NCAA and NFL Coach.  Dallas Cowboys, Super Bowl XXX Champion

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