Monday, May 27, 2019

Fort Collins Counseling and Therapy Services for Athletes, Coaching Staff, Teams, and Families

Introducing a Mental Health Counselor/Therapist who understands sports, athletes, coaches, and athletic families-teams-communities 

At age five, your counselor became an athlete.  As a top multi-sport high school and Division I scholarship student-athlete, he is uniquely qualified to work with:

✳ High School, College, and Professional Athletes

✳ Coaching Staff, Administrators, and Teams 

 M/F Spouse, and  Families

✳ All Sports, Ages, Gender, and Cultural/Ethnic Populations

I realize you have access to high school and college counselors.  However, as public figures/families in your community, you may desire or need a higher level of service.

Our private office and mobile counseling services offer the following:

1. Non-shared, no public waiting room, private office
2. At your home, office, or other non-public/private locations
3. Highest level of anonymity, privacy, and confidentiality

With our services, you avoid:

- Seen walking in/out of a high school, college, or a private counseling center
- Seen sitting with strangers in a client public or private waiting room
- Legal diagnosis and health insurance billing/documentation


If people see you or your family entering/exiting a traditional mental health counseling office, they may take photos, videos, and start talking (i.e., rumors, etc).  

We highly recommend protecting your identity, including your family, and career/profession.

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