Advocacy Coaching

Who is 100% in your corner -- supporting, protecting, and guiding you through challenging, high stress life issues?
During intense life issues, when you are highly susceptible to poor and costly life decisions, it could be beneficial to work with a counselor-coach, who offers emotional support, and advocacy/mediation services (e.g., attend legal/court meetings with you, family, etc).

Life Coaching

Work with an eclectic hybrid professional -- a mental health counselor and life coach. 

Take the features and benefits of mental health counseling/therapy, now add teaching, mentoring, and active co-participation.  It is a progressive approach that goes far beyond 20th century couch-talk therapy.  Clients can expect tremendous growth via:   

- Combined benefits of counseling and life coaching
- Co-participation -- actively teach/guide
- Experiential learning and being, via a doing process
- Develop life skills, and build inner resilience
- Identify and become your true, powerful self
- Improved wellness and healthier relationships
- Personal boundaries development and growth

Career - Business Coaching and Consulting

This service is specifically designed for individuals, groups, organizations, and corporations.  Individual clients seek our service for general career-professional and advance entrepreneurial-business development coaching.  Also, it has been designed to work vertically, face-to-face, with all employees and legal entities of all sizes, and in all markets (e.g., S-Corp, C-Corp, 501(c)3, LLC, and to name a few, Tech, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Sports-Entertainment, etc).  Our job is to make you a better you, and in turn, make your team, group, organization and corporation the very best!

Clients can expect the following experience:

- Maximize individual, team, organizational performance
- Increase multi-level system efficiencies
- Create 2nd careers, part-time employment or other
- Identify, reach goals and dreams
- Create your career professional development plan
- Kill procrastination, and balance life and work
- Maximize emotional intelligence and achieve life-career congruence

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