Friday, June 25, 2021

Fort Collins Male Mental Health Counselor and Life Coach: Six Things About Me, Part One

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As your mental health counselor and life coach:

#1: I never assume any of your previous diagnoses are correct.   Why?  Up to 40% of all diagnoses are incorrect (which go on your permanent medical record).  Also, I do not formally/legally diagnose clients.  Why?  Please read answers at link:

Q: Why don't you take insurance? 

#2: The notes I take, and keep in your file, are private and confidential.  I have had (e.g., boyfriend and girlfriend, parents, and spouse's) request client information.  There are few exceptions; However, mental health laws and ethical standards prohibit me from sharing client information. 

#3: I never overreact to client information -- reaction, judgement, criticism, etc., is not my job; however, if you harm yourself or others, I may need to react in a pro-health/safety manner. 

#4: I do not excessively notice non-verbal cues -- some counselors will question why your foot is tapping, or arms crossed, etc.  This is phony, woo-woo science.

#5: I never pretend to follow your story, and if I do not understand, I will ask for clarification, details, etc.  

#6: I am not perfect -- I admit my mistakes.


My job is to help you be the best you!  To see if my style and services meet your needs, please feel free to contact me for a free 50 minute consultation (either in person or video).

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