Many of our clients experience one or more of the following:

- Little or no healthy boundaries
- No boundary development and training experience
- Poor boundary communication skills
- No safety plans for boundary failure or relapse
- Identity loss and unhealthy attachments
- Cognitive, emotional, spiritual, and financial highs/lows
- Undeveloped emotional intelligence and wellness

Note: In our opinion, the majority of mental health issues are linked to boundaries (or, the lack of).

Legal issues causing:

- High individual, couples, marriage, and family stress
- Shame, guilt, anger, pain and suffering
- Alone/Isolation, with little or no emotional support
- Vulnerability: Highly susceptible to poor decisions
- Community rejection (neighbors, friends, co-workers)
- Poor health and wellbeing (fatigue, insomnia)

Note: During legal issues, it could be beneficial to work with a counselor-coach, who offers emotional support, and advocacy/mediation services (e.g., attend legal/court meetings with you, family, etc).

- Little or no life meaning, purpose, and fulfillment
- Depression, anxiety, and mood dysregulation
- Anger, defiant, oppositional, and anti-social
- Psychosocial deficits and neurocognitive challenges
- Breathing, rapid heart rate, sweating
- Poor athletic performance
- Self-worth, procrastination, coping skills, resiliency

- Divorce and infidelity
- Dysfunctional family and parenting systems
- Incongruent Parenting, e.g. Authoritative vs. Permissive
- Step-Parenting: Values, roles, power-authority
- Poor intimate relationships: Marriage and couples
- Gender and sexual identity: LGBTQ

- Addictions: Drugs, alcohol, food, sex, shopping
- Obsessive-Compulsive and phobias
- Self Harm and impulsivity
- Brain-Heart imbalance, Perfectionism
- Loss of power and control

- Disease, chronic illness and pain
- Disability or other life changing event
- Retirement: Failure to thrive
- Senior/Elderly health and wellness
- Loss of social relationships

- Abuse: Physical, verbal, domestic, sexual, bullying
- Trauma, crisis, suicide, gravely disabled, disaster
- Loss, bereavement, and grief
- Veteran, first responders, and crisis counselor issues
- Discrimination: Age, gender, employment, political, race
- Career and financial distress

- Career Stagnation: Purpose, meaning, and fulfillment
- Career Identity: Individual vs. Professional
- Employment: What-where-how, crisis, and 2nd careers
- Career Milestones: Failing to reach goals and dreams
- Deciding and/or completing, e.g. college vs. other
- Career Health-Wellness: Unbalanced life and work
- Social: Poor emotional intelligence, and incongruent life-career mission and value system

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