Sunday, June 2, 2019

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Today's Blog Post

Parenting -- it's the toughest job in the world! I consistently see the following:

- Utilization of different parenting styles
- No values or family mission statement

I also find children have excessive and unregulated access to cell phones, media/TV, video gaming, or other. 

Add in other life realities, and you now have a high chance of marriage/parenting/family chaos and dysfunction.  

Perhaps I can help!  

Client Testimonial

Mark had great insight into our son's behavioral problems, media/screen time addiction, and our family dynamic.  He helped us understand what we could not (how the brain works , high stress conflict resolution, the cause/effect of attachment theory, and parenting styles).  He also helped us create a family mission and parenting plan that has helped us reunite, and better manage stressful moments.  I highly recommend him.


PS. For privacy and confidentiality, many clients wish to remain anonymous.

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