Do It Yourself (DIY) Practice

At Your Life Counseling and Coaching, we work together as a team -- making you the best you. For best results, there will be a heavy emphasis on developing your own DIY practice, e.g. mindfulness.  Why?  Scientific, evidence-based data reports:  
⇾ 40% of factors leading to success are outside of the counselor-coach control
Translation: Adding a mindfulness, neurocognitive based DIY practice, will most likely increase your success, while at the same time, create positive life changing habits.

We also endorse outdoor recreation, and any/all activities that promote good physical-psychosocial health and wellness (e.g., fishing, journaling, board games, music, etc). 

Note: If you desire more person-to-person care or services, please discuss with your counselor-coach.

Welcome to DIY Mind-Body-Spirit Practice

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