Saturday, January 26, 2019

Denver Mental Health Counselor: Child Behavior, Crazy?

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An unforgettable event just happened in your home, or other.  You called 911 and the police showed up.  No one was seriously injured, so no Emergency Department visit.  You are now sitting in a crisis center, filling out standard intake forms.  When the chaos calms, you wonder what just happened and ask yourself: Is my kid on drugs; does he/she have a mental disorder; am I a bad parent.  You meet with a crisis counselor and with relief, discover your child is not on drugs and does not have a mental disorder.  The crisis counselor reports that your child is not suicidal, homicidal or experiencing audio-visual hallucinations. You and your child are officially discharged, i.e. sent home.  Now what, you think to yourself -- how do I get help for my child and please god, I never want this to happen again! 

As a crisis counselor, I have witnessed the above scenario countless times -- IMHO, it's a national epidemic, occurring daily.  Typically, there is no single reason why this happens -- it's a multi-headed, complicated, tangled mess.  Based on research and my own clinical experience, here's a short list of reasons why:

⇾ Parenting: Adults are having children, but no longer parenting, or doing so improperly. 
⇾ Screen Time: TV, cell phone, gaming, etc (it's out of control, and damaging as drug use).

There are at least two or more evidence based disciplines that directly relate to this issue -- attachment theory is one of them.  Feel free to watch.  

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