Saturday, January 19, 2019

Denver Mental Health Therapy: Social Media WARNINGS

Today's Blog Post

The purpose of this post -- we want you to be well informed client-consumers.  

Did you know, in the past 10 years, with tween, teens, and young adults -- suicide, depression, anxiety and drug use rates have nearly tripled?  The primary source?  Social Media screen time, including TV, computers, video gaming, and most definitely cell phones.  Because of the social media phenomenon, we are regularly asked the following:    

Q: Can I connect with my counselor/therapist via social media, e.g. Facebook, Instagram or other?

A: The answer is no.  We are your professional counselor or therapist only.  Ethically and legally, via national standards and Colorado law, dual relationships are strictly prohibited.  If this becomes an issue, we will 1.) politely warn you, or 2.) when appropriate, terminate services.

To All: We HIGHLY recommend limited (highly regulated) or no screen time.  Research backs this statement.  Also, be AWARE: Manufacturers/Developers are known to manipulate age appropriate ratings for e-devices and/or educational software.

 Please write down and place crisis/emergency information in easy to find locations. Also, enter the below phone #'s into your cell phones, including 911.

A call could save lives!

Emergency Services
Call 911 or 24 Hour Crisis Center

Contact Link

Contact Link