Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Denver Therapist or Counselor: Late Fees?

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Our business practice and services are significantly different from others.  Here's a brief story/experience that best explains why.  

The other day, I was at a professional office.  Before services started, I had to review and sign a policy document regarding notice of cancellation and late appointment fees.  The cancellation policy was a standard 24 hour notice.  The late fee policy went something like this -- if you are late, we have the right to refuse service, reschedule, and bill you a late fee, on top of your standard appointment fee.  I thought to myself, what if, for example: 

⇾ I arrived early, at 7:55 A.M. for an 8:00 A.M. appointment, but services started at 8:20 A.M.  I am not late -- they are late, and shouldn't they pay me a fee for wasting my time -- that's only fair, right? 

The above example has happened to me countless times, and I am certain to you as well.  Typically, it's due poor scheduling and out-dated client-consumer business practice.  At YLC, we have a better system -- one that favors the client.  Here are few examples:    

⇾ We only see five clients per day -- not up to 10 clients per day, which is common industry practice.

⇾ In between client appointments, we leave 30-60 minutes open -- this allows us to chart notes, which is required by law.  It also allows us ample time to shift our mind/energy from one client to the next.  

⇾ We offer 60, 75, and 90 minutes sessions -- they are full sessions, so you never pay, e.g. 60 minutes, but only receive 50. 

⇾ Our terms-conditions are posted on our site -- you are not rushed to read and sign.

We are committed to providing 'best practice' client-consumer services.  To learn more please visit FAQ

PS. I did not sign the late fee agreement, and I have arrived early, and they have been late for every appointment since my first day. 

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