Friday, May 24, 2019

Fort Collins Counseling, Therapy, Coaching: What to do in Crisis or Emergency?

Today's Blog Post

In the USA, approximately 22 veterans commit suicide everyday.  Colorado continues to climb in suicide rates, especially among tween-teens-young adult populations.  

The purpose of this post -- we want you to be well informed client-consumers.

To provide proper/legal crisis and emergency services, a team of qualified professionals is a must.  Qualified professionals include: Police, Fire, Hospital/Emergency Department, dedicated crisis centers-counselors-hotlines, etc.  

Due to our work/experience in crisis and drug/alcohol counseling, clients regularly ask the following:

Q: What if I have a crisis or emergency and I need to talk to you or I need your help ASAP, either during or after your posted office hours?

A: We need to draw the line and/or establish professional boundaries.  We can not offer crisis emergency services, nor do we not take calls after hours.  Why?  1) We cannot respond as quickly as dedicate crisis services, and 2) We do not have the resources available to legally provide proper care.

We always recommend calling 911, or seek emergency care at a medical facility, or call the crisis #800 listed below.

Please write down and place crisis/emergency information in an easy to find locations, and enter the below phone #'s into your cell phones, including local police and 911 -- especially for all family members, including your children.

You never know when or where you may need to call

Emergency Services
Call 911 or 24 Hour Crisis Center

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