Friday, May 24, 2019

Fort Collins Counseling, Therapy, Coaching: Mobile Counseling?

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We offer clients maximum flexibility; we'll come to your home, office, or other.  Other locations could be a rented room in a church or existing counseling office.

Decades ago, it was common practice and culturally acceptable for doctor's to provide in-home services.  You and/or your family did not have to change your daily routine -- you did not have to travel across town or city, fight traffic, find and pay for parking, and wait in an office filled with strangers.  In the 21st century, the solution to these issues appear to be the use of digital counseling services.  Call your counselor via cell phone or digital web based device and voila; instant access and problems solved, right?  Allow us to be direct:

  • Physically sitting across from each other, engaged in face-to-face counseling, has been time tested, heavily researched, and is still the gold standard. 
  • Good counseling is rarely quick, fast, or easy work, and is best done in a safe, private-confidential, uninterrupted environment (e.g., like your home or our private office).  

Before you say no, or if you have doubts, please read why mobile counseling could be the right fit for you and your family: Advantages of Mobile Counseling

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