Friday, May 24, 2019

Fort Collins Counseling, Therapy, Coaching: How Many Client's Does Your Counselor See Per Day?

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This is an info-educational post for potential client-consumers -- those looking to work with any counselor, therapist, or other.

 Q: I get the impression that many counselors see up to 10 clients per day -- why do you only see up to five clients per day?

A: The number of clients seen per day may depend on the type and size of the business (e.g., agency vs. private practice).  We also know many counselors work in agencies, then at night or weekends, they see clients in their private practice.  

For us, it's a quantity vs. quality proposition.  Specifically, seeing more than five clients per day may cause poor clinical performance, questionable business practice, and could be unhealthy for the mind-body-spirit.  

A question back to you; how is it possible to see up to 10 clients per day and then:

  • Write/chart clinical notes for each client, as required by law.
  • Manage communications, appointments and billing.
  • Expect to be professional prepared for each client.
  • And, have a life. 

Common sense tells us it is not possible to do this daily routine, year after year; yet t
here are thousands of excellent counselors and therapists who do it.  Why do they do it?  We know from experience they do it to financially survive in the mental healthcare insurance system.  It's a system borrowed from managed care that produces high daily client volume, but also results in high counselor burn-out rates.

For many good reasons, we made the decision to not participate in the insurance system.  As a result, we are 100% focused on limited, highly exceptional clinical care services.  It's a decision that aligns with our professional values, mission statement, and best serves our client-consumers. 

We believe this topic one of the most important client-consumer issues.  To fully understand, it could prove helpful to read why counselors do or do not take healthcare insurance.  See information at FAQ

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