Friday, May 24, 2019

Fort Collins Counseling, Therapy, Coaching: Male or Female?

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As I male therapist, I have worked with women of all ages. I provide a strong, yet therapeutic energy that comforts and encourages women.  However, on rare occasions, despite my desire to help, my gender prohibits me from working with specific female populations.  I'll explain why in the following Q and A.     

Q: I am a potential female client (e.g., tween, teen, adult).  I have been told it is best to see a female therapist -- is this true?

A: Yes and no. It might depend on the circumstances, including the client's culture, ethnicity, religion, etc.  In the US, female client-counselor relationships are commonly recommended, especially for victims of trauma, such as domestic abuse, sexual assault, and other violent crimes.  There is good reasoning for this, e.g. if the perpetrator was a male, the mere physical presence of a qualified male counselor may cause a triggering negative effect.  However, to answer the question fairly, all professional counselors or therapist are trained to be gender neutral, serving all populations.  In many situations, the presence of a trained supportive male counselor could be extremely beneficial.  For example, there are plenty of male counselors who offer excellent therapeutic support, and also have experience advocating-navigating systems, such as healthcare, legal, and state/federal social services.

Bottom line, when choosing your counselor/therapist, consider gender, but also be a good client-consumer -- recognize professional credentials, experience and business practice.  

Last, sometimes finding the right counselor, regardless of gender, is a lot like finding the right fitting shoes.  In other words, meet with as many counselors as possible, until you find the best fit! 

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