Tuesday, July 9, 2019

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Today's Blog Post

Q: Other professionals talk about the client-counselor relationship -- above, why do you use of the word consumer and in other post you use the phrase 'client-counselor-consumer.'  That's not typical counseling/coaching/therapy language?

A: You are right.  Nearly all counseling/coaching/therapy sites utilize vivid photos and deeply meaningful client-counselor emotional-therapeutic language.  There is nothing wrong with that  -- it's a common practice within the profession.  But, we believe the therapeutic message fails to recognize and openly discuss consumer based issues.  To fill that gap, we use the word consumer because (let's be real) you are paying for services with money, while making a large investment in your mind-body-spirit.  Clients that work with us receive plenty of therapeutic language and emotional work.  In the meantime, we simply wish for you:

  • To be well informed clients and consumers -- that's just common sense and good business practice.
  • To recognize that all professionals have a legal and ethical duty to properly inform you of all business practice -- anything less could be misleading, and per state law, potentially unlawful

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