Sunday, July 21, 2019

Fort Collins Counselor and Life Coach: Why Five Clients Per Day?

Today's Blog Post

Q: Why do you only see up to five clients per day?

A: As a client-consumer, this could be the most important Q/A, secondly only to the insurance Q/A.  

We believe seeing more than five clients per day may cause poor counseling-coaching performance, lead to questionable business practice, and is unhealthy for the human mind-body-spirit (don't believe us, look up burn-out rates for counselors). 

A question back to you, "How is it possible to see up to ten clients per day, to be mindfully present for each client, write/chart clinical notes as required by law, manage communications-appointments-billing, and do this every day, year after year?"

Truth be told, in both public agencies and private practice, there are thousands of excellent counselors and therapists who do just this -- they do it to financially survive in the mental healthcare insurance reimbursement system (i.e, quantity = $$$$).

Bottom line, we made the decision to not participate in the insurance system.  As a result, we are 100% focused on limited, highly exceptional counseling-coaching services.  It's a decision that aligns with our professional values, mission statement, and best serves our client-consumers.

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