Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Fort Collins Mobile and Video Counselor, Therapist, Life Coach: Mental Health Video Teletherapy Laws

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Q: I live in another state -- can I do online mental health teletherapy, with an out of state counselor-therapist?

A#1: Yes -- per state law, only if the counselor/therapist holds a license in the state that you live in.  

For example: A Fort Collins, Colorado based counselor may also be licensed in Wyoming, and practice in Cheyenne (your home town).  

A#2: No -- per state law, a licensed or registered counselors/therapists can only provide mental health teletherapy services in their licensing state, where they live and work, and to in-state residents only.  Also, a face-to-face relationship must be established first, and client and counselor must meet face-to-face periodically. The very best example of the mental health video teletherapy law:

  • You and your counselor-therapist live in the same state.  
  • You are a current client, and while you travel out of state for pleasure or business, you are provided the option to continue mental health therapy sessions via digital web based video services 

Disclosure: 1) There are significant legal differences between mental health video teletherapy services vs. life coaching video services, and 2) life coaching services, whether in-person or via video, are unregulated and can be provided to anyone in the USA and world.

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