Saturday, August 10, 2019

Fort Collins Mobile Counseling and Life Coaching: Off the Couch

Today's Blog Post

Q: Can you provide an example of how your counseling-coaching services work?

A: Traditionally, counseling is called talk or couch therapy.  The counselor's role is to provide unconditional positive regard, authenticity, and empathic understanding.  When compared to coaching, the role tends to be passive.  I very much believe in this type of role; however, I believe there are times direct action from the counselor is needed. 

When more action is needed, I am able to go into coaching mode.  For example: To the left you see a man punching a brand new punching bag.  Why-How?  

He is my client.  He has anger issues and frequently punches walls and doors.  I simply went onto Craig's List and posted the following:

ISO of FREE Punching Bag

I am Colorado Mental Health Counselor.  I have a client with anger issues -- punches walls.  Client has no money.  Please donate and I will pick up. Thanks! 

Because of my coaching actions, and the very kind person who donated, he no longer punches doors and walls -- plus, he is now engaging in daily physical activity (something he very much needed). 
As a mobile counselor-coach, I can can get off the talk therapy couch, and do things that will facilitate your healing, and growth-development (i.e., whatever is needed to make you the best you).  

I look forward to being part of your success!   

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