Saturday, September 28, 2019

Welcome to our Fort Collins Private Counseling-Coaching Office

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You Deserve the Very Best Therapeutic-Working Environment and Experience!

Client success comes from a unique blend of counseling and coaching services.  It also comes from our business model, which has been designed to provide the very best client-consumer experience and environment.

Fort Collins Private Office Feature and Benefits: 

✳ Privacy, anonymity, and confidentiality (heal-work-grow in safe-trusted space/energy)

100% HIPAA compliant (we strictly follow, and respect your privacy laws)
✳ Safety via non-published address

✳ Non-shared office (we do not rent space with other professionals)
✳ No waiting room (never sit with strangers or share private health information publicly)
✳ Non-public office building (we are not a large, franchise like business, with many offices) 
✳ No sounds from other counseling offices, parking lot, auto traffic, or other

 Pet friendly office (comfortable home like environment)
✳ We only see up to five clients per day (think quality vs. quantity)
✳ Meet clients at private office, global online video, or mobile/at your home (maximum flexibility)

✳ Comfortable space for 1-5 clients (individual, couple, family, group)
✳ Relaxation counseling bed, with weighted blanket and eye mask (practice mindfulness)
✳ Complimentary hot and cold beverages, and snacks 

✳ Natural light and fresh air
✳ No hassle free parking

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