Thursday, April 2, 2020

Fort Collins Male Counselor and Coach: Alcohol, Sobriety, Kicking Ass!

Today's Blog Post

Client Testimonial

You encouraged me to look at my alcohol consumption.  Initially, I was resistant, but with your support, I am now +6 months sober, and feeling much better.


If you knew Amber's life story, you would easily conclude that she is Kicking Ass!

Online Video Services 

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we have shifted all services to video.

✳ Stay home -- follow COVID-19 guidelines
✳ Eliminate public waiting rooms and bathrooms
✳ Avoid office buildings and frequent meeting spaces
✳ Global access and flexible hours
✳ 100% privacy, anonymity, confidentiality
✳ No driving or travel time-expense
✳ Maintain life-work schedule
✳ Video encrypted and HIPAA protected
✳ Desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone access

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