Friday, June 5, 2020

Fort Collins Outdoor Ecotherapy: Fly Fishing

Today's Blog Post

Fly fishing is a fun, mind/body outdoor activity, and it can be COVID-19 social distancing safe.  

We teach in City Park, local ponds, and on the Poudre River.  

Class size is always (1-4) only, and kiddos 12 years old and under are FREE.
Fly Fishing Benefits

✳ Plug into nature -- best therapy/medicine

✳ Develop Emotional Intelligence
✳ Catch fish -- be happy
✳ H2O somatic therapy -- it works
✳ Reduce stress, tension, anxiety
✳ Increase mood and wellbeing
✳ Open mind-body-spirit to healthy lifestyle

✳ Individuals, couples, families, friends, teams
✳ One or multi-day options
✳ USA and Patagonia

More Fly Fishing Info

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