Sunday, August 16, 2020

Fort Collins Male Therapist and Life Coach: Say YES!

Today's Blog Post

Hi Mark,

I’ve been meaning to tell you how much we appreciate you!

When you met my son he was in a terrible place.  We didn’t know where to turn.  He had two counselors before you who were great people but couldn’t help him.  We were about to give up on counseling.  I’m so grateful my friend told me about you!  

So much has changed since March it’s hard to say exactly what are the causes and effects.  Everyone around him can tell he’s doing much better.  He’s relaxed, happy, is forming meaningful relationships, generally making good choices, and pursuing his interests.  He’s matured quite a bit.

The med change probably helped.  The pandemic probably helped.  Growing a little older probably helped.  But, we agree that your counseling definitely helped.  I asked him to give me some examples of what you’re doing that’s helping.  He told me that you’ve given him tools to deal with situations.  You help him identify things he can improve.  You help him see things clearly.

From time to time, I ask him if he wants to continue seeing you.  He ALWAYS says YES.  I can’t even tell you what an amazing thing that is coming from my son.  Never even a somewhat unsure.  

So THANK YOU!!  We are so, so grateful for you!


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