Friday, October 1, 2021

Fort Collins Mental Health Counselor and Life Coach: Client Testimonial

Today's Blog Post

It's nice to know that we had Mark to work with, whether it was as a family or an individual session.  I enjoyed the way he started his sessions -- made it a little easier to think about how I was actually doing and what I may want to talk about during our session.  When life was a bit bumpy, he was able to guide me back, help ground me.  This enabled me to think, feel, and express my experience.  It also helped move forward.  One of the questions I remember well was, “What do you do for yourself?”  I honestly couldn’t answer that question during that whole session, but he patiently stayed with me, giving me space and unconditional support.  During other sessions, when I didn’t have an issue to discuss, he was able to get me to think about my future and what I wanted to do for myself.  We had some great conversations about thinking out of the box or the norm and some ideas of “what's next for my future?" I really enjoyed the sessions with Mark.  He is straight forward and really cares about his clients and helping them with that they are working on. 


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