Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Fort Collins Mental Health Counselor and Life Coach: Forgiveness

Today's Blog Post

Forgiving ourselves and others can be very challenging.  It's a complicated humanistic process that is vital to our growth and healing.  Here are a few thoughts to consider:       

  • Explore the concepts of moral, ethical, spiritual, financial, and lawful accountability.
  • Acknowledge the guilt you feel. Denying it will only give it more power.
  • Say, "I feel guilty," not, "I am guilty." Your mistakes do not define you.
  • Apologize to yourself, and anyone else you may have hurt.
  • In addition to an apology, be willing to make amends.
  • Remember, you are doing the best you can, that's all anyone can do.
  • Learn and grow from your mistakes, and avoid repeating them.
  • Realize that you are not perfect, and that's OK.
  • Be patient. It's often easier to forgive others than it is to forgive yourself.
  • It's OK to forgive, and not to forget.  Honor your values, and create healthy boundaries.

Our clients do lots of values evaluation, conflict resolution, forgiving, and healing.

We meet with clients at our private office, via video, and outdoors.  At our Fort Collins (non-shared) private office, clients enjoy:

✳ No charge consultation
✳ Absolute privacy and safety
✳ Anonymity and confidentiality
✳ 100% HIPAA compliant

✳ Non-public office building 
✳ No nextdoor office client sounds
✳ No auto traffic noise
✳ Pet friendly office
✳ No waiting room
✳ Never sit with strangers

✳ 1-5 seating
✳ Natural light and fresh air
✳ No hassle free parking

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