Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Fort Collins Mental Health Counselor and Life Coach: Testimonial

Today's Blog Post

Hi Mark.

It's been a long time but I have good news!  I left my husband.  I want to thank you for all the support and advice. "Stop putting yourself in the backseat!" were the words that helped me stay the course.  Thanks again for your coaching.  You've helped me out of the worst phase of my life.  Now I have my life back and lots to look forward to.


We meet with clients at our office, video, and outdoors.  At our Fort Collins (non-shared) private office, clients enjoy:

✳ No charge initial consultation
✳ Negotiable and sliding scale fees
✳ Absolute privacy and safety
✳ Anonymity and confidentiality
✳ 100% HIPAA compliant
✳ Non-public office building 
✳ No nextdoor office client sounds
✳ No waiting room 
✳ Never sit with strangers
✳ No auto traffic noise
✳ Pet friendly office
✳ 1-5 seating
✳ Natural light, A/C, fresh air
✳ Free convenient parking

A Call Could Save Lives
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