Friday, May 24, 2019

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This is an info-educational post, reminding you to be good client-consumers -- to know state mental health laws and HIPPA laws.

In the 21st century, the mental healthcare industry is quickly embracing the 'gold-rush' like movement towards digital web based video or teletherapy services.  In limited and highly regulated HIPPA compliant business practice, we believe this is acceptable, but there are many serious concerns for client-consumers.  For instance:

⇾ We are now seeing the mass promotion of 24/7 counseling services to anyone/anywhere on this planet -- this is a misleading business practice, and a direct violation of state mental health laws and HIPPA laws.

⇾ Digital based services are susceptible to data breach and/or identity theft -- think social security number and e-payment/credit card information.

Full Disclosure: We offer digital web based teletherapy services, but we firmly believe face-to-face counseling is still the gold standard because:

  • It has been heavily researched and time tested.
  • Offers an uninterrupted safe environment.
  • Utilize our humanity -- client-counselor can fully engage in the psychosocial emotional-cognitive therapeutic process. 

To continue this dialogue, let us share a frequently asked question: "I live in another state, but I visit Colorado frequently -- can we do teletherapy?"

Technically, no.  Per Colorado law, all licensed or registered counselors/therapists can only provide teletherapy to in-state Colorado residents.  The best example or intention/spirit of the law:

⇾ You live in Colorado, and you are a current client, and while you travel out of state for pleasure or business, you are provided the option to continue therapy sessions via digital web based services.

Consumers Right to Know: 

⇾ The idea and direct promotion that a counselor or therapist can provide any teletherapy services without ever meeting their client(s) face-to-face, and to do so with anyone/anywhere on this planet, is misleading and a direct violation of state mental health laws and HIPPA laws.  

⇾ Coaching services are not the same as regulated mental health counseling services. Coaching services are unregulated and can be done face-to-face or digital web baed tele-coaching.  With no regulations, coaching can be conducted with anyone, located anywhere on our planet.

To learn more about Teletherapy, or Coaching vs. Mental Health Counseling, pleas visit FAQ

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