Monday, July 29, 2019

Fort Collins Counselor and Life Coach: Who Do I Work With, Part III

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Who do I work with -- LPC, LPCC, LCSW, MFT, PsyD, Registered Psychotherapist, or other?

This is part three of a three part series -- we encourage you to read all three, or skip to FAQ and review Q/As at bottom of page.

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Q: Why would I work with a Registered Psychotherapist who has little or no academic experience or clinical training?

A: We believe California and Colorado Department of Regulatory Affairs offers a license as a Registered Psychotherapist because: 

Many people may have been trained in eastern spirituality and philosophy, or other qualified disciplines.  Even without western academic/clinical training, their expertise as a therapist could be as good, if not better (i.e., there is more than one method to heal and grow).  

A perfect example of the law:

If the Dali Lama moved to California or Colorado, he would legally qualify as a Registered Psychotherapist, not as a LPC, LPCC, MFT, LCSW or other 

Since you may not have access to the Dali Lama or others like him, we believe it is wise to work with professionals who posses the following credentials:

  • Qualified, accredited, and documented eastern and/or western based psychotherapy training
  • Bachelors, masters, or doctorate degrees from accredited institutions
  • State and national exams
  • Advance training, such as EMDR, CAC, LAC, or other

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