Thursday, August 1, 2019

Fort Collins Mobile Counselor and Life Coach: Small vs. Large Counseling Practice

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Q: I see that you are a only one counselor or a tiny private practice -- I think I should work with a larger mental healthcare practice or agency?

A: Bigger does not mean better -- a one counselor or tiny practice could be best for you.  

Please thoroughly evaluate all client-consumer options, e.g. we think you should be aware of the following:

Nearly all mental healthcare entities (i.e., small-medium-large; private or public; for profit or non-profit) operate on a volume/quantity business model -- per day, they must see as many clients as possible.  They do so to cover operational expenses, stay afloat in the insurance reimbursement game, and to generate profit.

The volume model generates millions of high revenue dollars each year.  With this money, you may see the best modern office decor, websites, and advertising-marketing programs.  Also, you may see multiple locations, and offices that accept all forms of payment and offer an army of counselors -- serving all populations and mental health issues (i.e., it's the large business/franchise model of mental healthcare).  
I have worked at small/medium/large for profit and non-profit mental healthcare agencies.  I have worked with excellent counselors, but nearly all of them are:

  • Over worked -- must see up to 10 clients per day
  • Salaried 40 hours per week employees, but typically work +60 hours and do not get paid over time
  • 1099 counseling contractors with no benefits, and may only earn between $20-$40 per client session (e.g., session fee total is $140 -- the business owner keeps $110)
  • Face daily systemic dysfunction -- burn out and poor clinical performance, absent or poor management leadership-training-development, frequent mis-diagnosis

PS.  To avoid industry failures, our business model is 100% clinical-client care focused, e.g.

We only see up to five clients per day

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