Saturday, August 3, 2019

Fort Collins Mobile Counselor and Life Coach: Outdoor Services

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Outdoor time is essential for good health and wellness.  We offer two outdoor services:

  • Walking and sitting sessions
  • Fly Fishing  

Clients can expect the following environments and experiences:

✳ Therapeutic walks in local parks or protected wildlife areas
✳ Meet under a shaded tree, e.g. next to a river
✳ Bring your pet, e.g. dog(s)
✳ Opens the mind-body-spirit to a healthier lifestyle

✳ Learn a new hobby that plugs you and family into nature
✳ Bonding opportunity for couples, families, friends, teams
✳ Develop your Emotional Intelligence
✳ Catch fish and be happy
✳ Experience therapeutic affect of being near or in water
✳ Find peace, solitude, and de-stress
✳ Open the mind-body-spirit to healthier lifestyle
✳ One or multi-day options
✳ Led by an expert, with over 40 years experience
✳ Fly Fishing Info

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