Sunday, September 1, 2019

Fort Collins Mental Health Counseling and Life Coaching: New Office Location

Today's Blog Post

Starting September 2019, our clients now have three meeting/service location options.  Three options offers maximum flexibility with work-life scheduling.  We can meet at:

- New, private Fort Collins office
- At your home or other, via mobile services
- Online, via web video
Private Office Benefits:
✳ Non-shared, pet friendly office
✳ No waiting room filled with strangers

100% privacy, anonymity, confidentiality
✳ Non-published easy access location
✳ Comfortable space for 1-5 clients

✳ Free PEMF-MBT session
✳ Free parking, restroom, beverage/snack
✳ Hours: 8a - 9p, 7 days per week

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