Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Fort Collins Mental Health Counseling and Life Coaching: New Office Location

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To heal and grow, or to simply feel comfortable and relaxed, many client's need an office environment that offers maximum privacy, comfort, and safety -- or they may not engage in any forms of counseling-coaching.  

We offer video, mobile, and private office services.  At our Fort Collins private office, clients enjoy:    

✳ Non-shared, pet friendly office
✳ No waiting room
✳ Never sit with strangers
✳ Never publicly share personal information

100% HIPAA compliant

✳ Privacy, anonymity, safety, confidentiality

✳ Central A/C and ceiling fan
Excellent natural light
✳ Space for 1-5 clients

✳ Relaxation counseling bed
✳ Comfy couch, chairs, or bed

✳ Free beverage/snacks
✳ Cold tea, juice, water
✳ Hot tea/cocoa, coffee

✳ Three service/locations: Private office, mobile, video

✳ Two outdoor balconies

✳ Quiet Fort Collins location
✳ Free parking

✳ Walking available
Private restroom

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