Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Fort Collins Mental Health and Law Enforcement

Today's Blog Post

I am constantly engaged in some form of professional development and continued education.  For example, I recently finished EMDR training, and now I am in a 14 week Larimer County Sheriff's program.  

My mental health law enforcement education/experience began in Denver.  I was a member of a mobile crisis team working with police officers.  My primary job was to determine if the subject was gravely disabled, and if so, issue a M-1 72 hour hold.  In other words, per Colorado law, I had the legal power to place a subject into protective mental healthcare custody.   

What an eye opening experience, filled with many intense life and death situations (i.e., think mentally ill/unstable person(s), perhaps suicidal, violent, high on drugs, and now add guns, knives, or other lethal objects).  Despite the very best training, things can easily go wrong.  Fortunately for me, and mostly due to excellent training and a little luck, nothing ever went wrong (e.g., lives were saved, women and children protected, etc).            

Take Away Messages:

- Law enforcement is not an easy job!

- Education and training for all community members is highly recommended

- Excellent community safety and wellness is a dynamic, effortful, shared process (get involved)

- Combining mental health services with all professions (e.g., fire, police, etc) is a must   
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