Thursday, October 10, 2019

Fort Collins Joins World Mental Health Day: Suicide Prevention

Today's Blog Post

October 10th is World Mental Health Day

Today's focus is suicide prevention.  Suicide statistics are lengthy and staggering.  Here's a brief list: 

- Global: Every 40 seconds a suicide occurs (i.e., approximately 800,000 people per year)
- USA: 22 veterans commit suicide each day 
- Colorado: Suicide rates have exploded (especially among teens) 

Both personally and professionally, I have a history with suicide.  A close friend committed suicide, and in a separate event, I was the primary witness in a 10 story building jumper case.  Professionally, I worked in a Denver based 24/7 crisis center.  It was intense, challenging work (e.g., the youngest suicide client I ever worked with was 8-years old).  I no longer work in a crisis center, but I will always continue to practice suicide prevention, and do anything I can to save lives!

Please Share Resources.

Cambridge University Press-- FREE Books
World Health Organization
See links below and below right column -- Add phone #s to your cell phones, post at home/work, share with family/friends, etc

If you need immediate/emergency life saving help, please call the help lines listed below.  You'll have immediate access to mental health experts, and emergency services such as mobile crisis team, medical, police, fire, etc.  

If you do not need immediate care, please feel free to call or visit our new Fort Collins office.  We have created a highly therapeutic experience/environment that offers: 

✳ Privacy and safety
✳ Anonymity and confidentiality
100% HIPAA compliant

✳ Non-shared, pet friendly office
✳ No waiting room
✳ Never sit with strangers

✳ Relaxation counseling bed
✳ Free PEMF-MBT session
✳ Free beverage/snacks 

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A Call Could Save Lives
Call 911 or 24 Hour Crisis Center

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