Thursday, February 6, 2020

Fort Collins Male Counselor and Life Coach: Truth, Trust, and Love

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Client Testimonial

I can't thank you enough for what you did for me.  I loved your sense of humor and brutal honesty.  Speaking of, you were 100% right -- I have spent my entire life living lies.  I can still hear you saying, "Wow Paul, thank you for sharing everything but the truth; when you're done with your bullshit; when you're ready for truth, please let me know."  I have never met anyone like you.  You helped me embrace truth, and understand that with truth comes trust, followed by acceptance, and love.  You made my experience fun, enjoyable, and I will never forget you.  Thank you!

Everything starts with TRUTH!

We offer Expertise, Accessibility, and Affordability.  You can work with us via video, mobile (at your home), and private office services.  At our Fort Collins private office, clients enjoy:

✳ Absolute privacy and safety
✳ Anonymity and confidentiality
100% HIPAA compliant

✳ Non-public office building 
✳ No nextdoor client sounds
✳ No auto traffic noise
✳ Non-shared, pet friendly office
✳ No waiting room
✳ Never sit with strangers

✳ 1-5 seating
✳ Natural light and fresh air
✳ No hassle free parking
✳ Free beverage/snacks 

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