Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Fort Collins Mental Health Counselor and Life Coach: Signs of a Healthy Relationship

Today's Blog Post

  • Communication is mostly face to face vs. text, email, or other digital means.  In person communications are favored because we can utilize all communication tools (e.g., verbal, non-verbal, emotions-vulnerability, physical touch, social, environmental, cultural, etc).  
  • Conflicts are resolved as quickly as possible, and done so with mutual cooperation/respect.  No grudges are held (i.e., no score keeping).
  • Your personal life values have been openly discussed, accepted, and respected.  
  • You ask each other questions -- you show interest, fondness, and admiration.
  • You are consistently treated well, with kindness, dignity, grace, and unconditional love. 

Our counseling/coaching approach empowers our clients -- our goal is to make you the best you!

We meet with clients at our private office, via video, and outdoors.  At our Fort Collins (non-shared) private office, clients enjoy:

✳ No charge consultation
✳ Absolute privacy and safety
✳ Anonymity and confidentiality
✳ 100% HIPAA compliant

✳ Non-public office building 
✳ No nextdoor office client sounds
✳ No auto traffic noise
✳ Pet friendly office
✳ No waiting room
✳ Never sit with strangers

✳ 1-5 seating
✳ Natural light and fresh air
✳ No hassle free parking
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