Monday, July 5, 2021

Fort Collins Male Mental Health Therapist and Life Coach: Narcissism Part One

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Frequently, I am asked -- am I dating or married to a  narcissist?

You might if:

  • They have no accountability (e.g., shift blame -- nothing is ever their fault).
  • They struggle or can't experience grief or loss.
  • They can't apologize, and make amends (or, if they do apologize, it will be non-authentic or disingenuous).
  • They can't or struggle with sharing equally. 
  • They lack of empathy (i.e., can't feel what other people feel).
  • They create a false reality to manipulate your feelings.
  • They have no self awareness, and are incapable of self reflection.
  • They lie; and there is little or no truth, honesty, transparency, or full disclosure.
  • They have improper emotional responses to other people.
  • They expect praise and care, and they have a poor life attitude.
  • They name drop, and create fictitious-false grandiose titles (e.g., Dr. Doe, PhD).
  • They treat other people well if they can get resources from them.
  • The are self important (i.e., they feel superior to others).
  • When you ask them to stop, they can't, won't or are incapable.
  • They enjoy hurting other people, and do not care or understand how they hurt people.
  • They create high amount of conflict and chaos -- they love to make you feel crazy and put you down. 

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